Top Lighting Ideas for a Window-Less Office

Natural light is incredibly important in any office space and is crucial in ensuring that your workforce are as happy and healthy as possible.

That's because natural lighting improves your mood, strengthens your bones and wakes you up. Sunlight has a very powerful effect on the brain and if you want to get the most from your staff – they need it. On the other hand, working in a dark and dingy basement office every day with an unnatural halogen light will only make your team feel like slave trolls from some sort of dark fantasy film. Ultimately they'll get ill more often and they'll probably develop depression.

But of course if your office is in a basement that's not really your fault. You probably wouldn't choose it but if that's all your budget can stretch to… what do you do?

Here are some viable options that can help to make things a little lighter and more lively again.

1. Daylight Lamps

Daylight lamps from manufacturers such as Lumie, are lights that emit a specific wavelength designed to mimic that of the sun. This is the closest thing you can get to natural light without being in natural light, so it's a good way to make your team feel a little better.

Daylight lamps often take the form of bedside alarms that wake you up with gradually increasing light (like a sunrise) but it is possible to get some that are specifically designed for office use.

2. Mirrors

In order to get the most from what lighting you do have, adding mirrors around the room can do wonders. This will reflect light around so that it gets around the space better and it will also make the room look larger by appearing to extend your walls.

3. Pictures

While not technically 'lighting', having pictures on the wall depicting natural scenes like setting sunsets or sunny beaches can very much create the feel of a much lighter office.

The same goes for nature more generally – a few plants for instance can also make your space feel a lot less 'prison' like and a little more outdoorsy. If you're really feeling ambitious and high tech you could even use something from the 'Sky Factory' – a company that creates 'digital skylights' so that you feel as though you have a view of the sky above.

4. Patio

While you might not be able to bring light to your team, you may occasionally have the option to take your team to light. In other words, if you have an outdoors section you can use then placing some tables and chairs there will let your staff work there and this way they can at least get some fresh air and sunlight part of the time.

5. Ambiance

Finally, you could always try embracing the low level lighting instead. In other words, by having something like a lava lamp or a bubble wall, you can aim to create a space that will feel serene and peaceful to work in even if it doesn't necessarily feel bright and sunny.