6 Signs You’re About To Get Fired

Sometimes you get the feeling that something's up at work. Perhaps people have started treating you differently, perhaps you're getting overlooked for promotions/responsibilities or maybe nobody wants to spend any time with you outside of the office. What's going on? It might be that new cologne, or it could mean you're about to get fired.

In this article we'll look at six of the most common signs that your job might not be safe. If you notice these six things, then there's a fair chance your employer is considering giving you the axe. If you don't, then you might just be being paranoid…

1. The Company is Struggling

Most of us have a somewhat narcissistic tendency to think the world revolves around us. If you're about to be fired, that means you've done something wrong right?

In reality, there are usually many more factors that contribute to the decision to let someone go and often it's more about the condition of the business as opposed to anything you've done personally. If you know your company is struggling financially, then there's a higher chance they might be looking for ways to downsize. Other things affecting the business might also play a role too – such as a merger or even a new manager.

2. You're New

Most companies have a policy of 'last in, last out', meaning that they show more loyalty to those team members that have been with them the longest. Being a new employee then should also be considered a 'risk factor' when you're trying to assess whether your job is in peril.

3. You've Got Nothing to Do

If you're spending most of your day twiddling your thumbs or making the coffee this suggests that your company might not want to give you any long or important projects. And if it's not that, then it might just been that they don't have any work for you and that you're surplus to requirements. Either way, it's not a good sign.

4. You've Been Repeatedly Warned/Disciplined

Believe it or not, it's actually quite difficult to fire someone and this isn't something your manager can do on a whim. If you're being fired for poor performance then, they'll have had to warn you on several occasions beforehand. Think about your track record and standing within the organization – are you considered a liability or an asset?

5. You're Being Replaced

It's a horrible feeling but one that many employees will face. If you notice that new blood are taking over from your role, that things are 'changing' and that you're increasingly out of the loop then it might be that your company is preparing to get rid of you or that you're becoming obsolete.

6. You Notice People Treating You Differently

If your manager isn't talking to you as much as normal this could be a sign that they're feeling guilty about something. Either they ate your sandwich, or they know they're going to have to let you go soon. You might also notice your colleagues talking about you – bad news travels fast.

 Either way, try not to take it personally, just start looking for somewhere else and jump ship before you're forced to walk the plank!