5 Signs It’s Time to Quit Your Job

For all of us there can come a time when our work gets on top of us and when we feel like we want to quit. Usually this will carry on for a few days as we mope and stomp about the place but then it tends to pass and we feel better. While we all get that feeling of 'meh' from time to time though, sometimes it goes deeper than that.

If you find that you are actively dreading your work on a consistent basis, that you're coming home tired and unhappy and that you're just not enjoying life any more as a result of your work then you might want to really think about changing your job.

Here are five signs that you probably should think about quitting and that this isn't just a period of 'meh' that's likely to pass.

1. You have no energy for anything

Do you come home from work and find that you then just completely crash out on the sofa with absolutely no energy left? Is your idea of an exciting evening one where you have fish fingers? Do you find that when someone invites you out you just want to curl up and cry?

The point of work is to give you the means to do the things you really want to do. If you find that you end up with no energy or enthusiasm to do anything other than vegetate then quite simply your work is becoming counterproductive. You shouldn't feel like you have no will to enjoy life. If you do, you should quit.

2. You do anything you can to delay work

This is normal to an extent but if you're hiding down a back alley because you arrived in five minutes early and you want to avoid going into work then you need to really reassess your priorities. It's find to avoid work but when you'd rather have the company of the local hobo, it's time for a change…

3. You have cried in the toilets

A lot of us have done it at some point but it's really not a good sign. If it happens once this is a problem, if it keeps happening you need to get out of there!

4. You wake up in cold sweats

Nightmares about work suggest that work is on your mind literally 24/7. If you can't even escape your work when you're unconscious then again – you need to reassess things.

5. You daydream about strangling your colleagues

If you hate your colleagues with an absolute passion then this does not make for a positive working environment. Most of us are adults and we can rub along with people who annoy us but just think – you could be in another office somewhere with people you like and who you enjoy going on nights out with at the end of the day.

So if you're contemplating murder, consider leaving your current office before it comes to that!