5 Pinterest Boards To Follow For Amazing Office Design Ideas

The right office can make or break your business. Whether you're working from home and you're looking for home office designs or you're working in a corporate setting and you need to design a place for your whole team to work, the right interior décor can not only help you to feel more comfortable and productive but also more creative, at ease and organized.

And the good news is that office spaces have evolved somewhat in recent times. No longer are offices just cubicles with black and grey décor where your soul goes to die… today more and more companies are realizing that offices can be creative, inspiring and interesting places and that this actually results in better work from their team.

This means there's plenty of inspiration for you online and the best place to find a lot of that would be Pinterest without a doubt. Read on and we'll look at five of the best Pinterest boards that you absolutely must follow if you're looking for ideas to help you get more from your office.

1. 'Home Office' by Home and Garden Design Ideas

This Pinterest Board is filled with great ideas for home offices and is ideal if you enjoy looking at other people's home office set ups and dropping your jaw. As well as showing pictures of awesome home offices, it also features products such as desks, cabinets, drawers and other items you might use from your home office. It's filled with ideas as well as practical purchases you can copy directly should you want to.

2. 'Home Office/Study Room' by TXTerri Tips

This is another great one for home office ideas and particularly if you like modern looking layouts. Bear in mind that just because these are home office ideas that doesn't mean that you can't also use similar ideas for your corporate setting!

3. Business/Office Ideas by Dianna Martinez Bart

If you are looking for something that's designed for corporate offices then Business/Office Ideas might be more up your street. These are very much the 'modern' offices though complete with comfortable looking chairs, amazing views and unique concepts that make the workplace somewhere you might actually want to spend time.

4. Battlestations by Leland Flynn

The word 'battlestation' in internet parlance means 'awesome setup for a PC' with that PC normally being a gaming PC. These tend to feature super powerful looking computers complete with glowing lights and mechanical keyboards. While they're not designed for offices you can again learn from them if you're looking for a way to make your space look more high tech.

5. Interior Design by C C

Again this one clearly isn't specifically aimed at offices at all but rather just 'interior design' as it applies to pretty much any space (but especially the home). The point here is that the 'rules' of interior design apply no matter what kind of room you're trying to decorate. At the very least you can look here to get style tips – and an office should indeed be stylish!