Top 5 Cities To Start Your Startup

best cities for startups

Looking to launch a startup this year? There’s never been a better time thanks to the incredible advances in technology and particularly the ubiquity of the web. These days it costs less to start a business and it’s much easier to find the resources, tools and finances you need. You can even use Kickstarter to …

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Top Lighting Ideas for a Window-Less Office

office lighting ideas

Natural light is incredibly important in any office space and is crucial in ensuring that your workforce are as happy and healthy as possible. That’s because natural lighting improves your mood, strengthens your bones and wakes you up. Sunlight has a very powerful effect on the brain and if you want to get the most from …

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What Exactly Is Business Casual Attire?

what is business casual attire

Being allowed to wear ‘casual attire’ in the office might sound like a great opportunity but it does have its drawbacks. Sure, casual attire might be comfortable to wear but then you have the whole issue of knowing precisely what casual attire is to contend with. Are you being too casual? Are you being too smart? …

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Should You Wear Perfume & Cologne At Work?

wearing perfume at work

Office politics can be something of a minefield and especially when you’re new to the job and doing your best to fit in. To get along well you’re going to need to figure out who your allies are, you need to work out all of the unwritten rules of the office and you’ll need to …

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