How To Maximize Small Office Space

Making the most of a small office space can be a challenge, but if you are willing to get a bit creative and think outside the box (or the cubicle) then it can be done.

And it's well worth putting the time in to do this as well, as it will enable you to fit more staff and get more work done in a smaller space – thus keeping your overheads down while maximizing your profits!

Going Open Plan

Your basic layout and strategy when trying to make maximum use of a small office space will be the first thing to impact on your effective use of the space. Simply, using an open-plan layout is by far the most efficient way to use the space and also has a great deal of advantages for workflow, collaboration and business in general.

An open-plan office design means that you aren't going to be working in cubicles but will instead all be working in one, large open space. This in turn will mean that light is able to more freely fill the room and make the space seem cleaner and more spacious as a result.

Likewise, having an open-plan design will mean that there is physically more space as you won't have walls and dividers taking up precious inches. You'll be able to walk around more freely and you'll feel less claustrophobic as a result.


Also useful is to take a minimalistic approach to your décor. This means that everything in your office space should serve a purpose or it shouldn't be there. Likewise, you should avoid unnecessary flourishes on furniture or items that are bigger than they have to be. Minimalism will keep your space visually uncluttered which will make it feel larger and more efficient as a result.

More Tips and Tricks to Maximize Small Office Space

There are also a few more tips and tricks you can use to further create the impression of more space while buying yourself some extra maneuverability and storage.

1. Color

If you want to make a space look larger then you should use lighter colors. This will reflect more light around the room and this in turn will make it feel bigger.

2. Windows and Mirrors

Another way to ensure you get maximum light in is to have lots of big windows. If you don't own the property and thus aren't able to add windows, then you can instead use mirrors that will reflect the light more.

3. Storage

Getting extra storage space is a matter of strategy and very few businesses make the best use of the space they have in this regard. One great trick for instance is to put thin shelves across your windows. The shelves won't block much light and this way you'll be able to keep items on patches of wall that would otherwise be unavailable.

Another trick is to consider the vertical. If you don't have space for another filing cabinet, could you instead add papers to the top of your wardrobe?

4. Technology

 Finally, consider the amount of space that your technology is taking up. Next time you upgrade, consider something with a smaller monitor and fewer wires and you might find it makes a big difference.