How to Organize Your Office Desk Better Than Marie Kondo

A tidy and well-organized desk is a reflection of a tidy and well-organized mind. At the same time, desk organization can also help you to become more organized and to navigate a raging sea of jobs, tasks and items on your to-do list. If your workload feels like it's getting on top of you, then organizing your desk may well be the best way to enforce a little organization and to help you get back on top of it.

Here are some tips that can help a great deal.

1. Paper Tray System

Paper trays are an incredibly useful tool that can go a long way to helping you apply some order to the chaos. The danger though is that paper trays can end up simply as a place to stuff all of the things you don't have time to look at – which of course makes things worse, not better.

Instead then, make sure you come up with a system for using your paper trays. A good one is to have a paper tray for the day, the week and ongoing projects. Anything you don't have time to organize but still need, you can put into your 'day' tray.

At the end of the day, you can then go through this and throw each item away, file it, or put it in your 'week tray'. At the end of the week, anything you no longer need can then be moved into your filing cabinet and the things you do need can be added to the week tray. It's an elegant system and one well worth trying.

2. Going Paperless

One of the best ways to get some space for yourself on your desk is to reduce the number of papers you have in the first place. One way to do this is by getting things e-mailed rather than posted to you. Another is to use a scanner with OCR software like the 'NeatDesk' Desktop Filing System which you can use to digitize your existing documents at a rate of 24 pages per minute!

3. Wires

Here's a little hack to get rid of all those wires that are tangling up your desk: use bulldog clips. These are the bulky clips that are large enough to clip your wires in place on the side of your desk. Using these you can prevent wires from falling down the back when they're unplugged while at the same time keeping them perfectly straight and untangled. Don't want to order bulldog clips? Sellotape will do the trick equally well!

4. Notice Board

Every desk should have a notice board for noting down ideas and for giving you easy access to information. This is a great place to keep non-crucial passwords that you often have to refer to for instance, phone numbers and to-do lists. And it's much less messy than having post-it notes everywhere.

5. More Storage Space

Need more storage space? Rather than letting your desk get covered in pens and gadgets, attach a basket or a bag to the side of your desk! Now you can organize it simply by sweeping everything fof the edge!