6 Surefire Ways to Get Out of Office Parties

Let's face it, no one realLy enjoys office parties. For starters, an office party means that you are now going into work on one of your days off. This of course then begs the question of 'why on Earth you would do that'.

Moreover, office parties mean hanging out with people that you have to spend all day 'barely tolerating' anyway and they mean watching your boss trying to prove just how 'down to earth' they are.

'We have fun don't we?' is about the most cringe-worthy thing you can hear from your boss…

Unfortunately though, getting out of office parties is no mean feat.

Problem is, your colleagues already know that you're not unwell because you just came into work. And pretending you have something else you need to do is fine but it gets more and more difficult when you've already turned down the last five invites.

Your Grandma is coming to visit again??

So what do you do? When actually going to the office party is just not an option, here are six ways you can often get out of it.

1. Brutal Honesty

This may not be the most popular option but you could just make the conscious decision to be 'okay' with being unpopular. Tell your colleagues that frankly you can't think of anything worse than spending the evening with them because you have – you know – a life outside of work. If you're lucky they might think you're just really funny in a mean way.

'Ah good old Jeff. He's so… hurtful…'

2. Difficult Life

If you create the idea that you have a very difficult life then people will be less likely to pester you about it. A difficult life might mean a child who is particularly hard work, or a mean partner who doesn't like you going out with friends. Either way, if it's not 'your fault' they can't be mad at you while the ongoing nature of this excuse means it doesn't wear thin.

3. Avoidance

One easy way to avoid going to an office party is to avoid being invited. That means claiming that e-mails have gotten lost, or being very difficult to get hold of when people try to invite you. For added effect you can then act upset that no one invited you…

4. Tee Total

Tell your colleagues that you're tee total and they'll better understand when you say you don't want to go out. If you want to add some pathos, then tell them that you're a recovering alcoholic.

5. Disappearing

Another clever move is to go to the office party but then to disappear after the first ten minutes. Then just deny that you were absent and claim that you were just talking to other people…

6. Awkwardness

The best way to ensure you're not invited to office parties is to go to one and get so horrendously drunk and loud that no one ever wants to invite you again. For extra points you could be inappropriate with your opposite sex co-workers and throw up in the scanner.