4 Companies Redefining Office Life

Business has evolved a great deal over the last decade, thanks in no small part to the new technology and tools that are changing the way that companies need to operate. The smart organizations then are the ones that are taking heed of these changes and moving with the times to offer more comfort, flexibility and work-satisfaction to their employees. The dumb ones are the ones stuck in the past refusing to change.

In short, if your company still has its employees sitting in little grey cubicles staring at a screen, then it’s really time for a change. Perhaps your business could take inspiration from these four game changing corporations that are redefining office life?

1. Google

Okay, so this one is no surprise but as the ‘classic’ example it’s still important that we take a look at one of the companies that pretty much started this new trend of flexible, comfortable and fun offices.

Perks of working at Google include:

  • Unlimited free food
  • Free gym access
  • Laundry, car washing, dry cleaning, haircuts, massages
  • An indoor slide
  • A garden for relaxation
  • On-site physicians and nurses
  • Two hours of free time a day to pursue pet projects

Of course your business may not be able to keep up with the likes of Google, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t take a few leaves out of their book. The basic moral is that perks can make your staff happier and that means they’re likely to work harder.

2. Mind Candy

But it’s not just Silicone Valley that has all the fun. Mind Candy’s London office is covered in Astroturf and has tree houses instead of the conventional office cubicles. They also have a bubblegum dispenser.

Again, not every company needs a bubble gum dispenser, but again the message is to challenge expectations. There’s no reason for an office to be a dull and creativity-free place. Colorful offices inspire better ideas and they’re nicer to work in!

3. The Candy Factory

The Candy Factory, in Lancaster PA, is not the name of a business but rather a membership community for small business owners, students, freelancers and those who work from home. It’s basically a cafĂ© that’s designed specifically for work rather than coffee and it’s the perfect place to knuckle down or to network. With more and more people working from home thanks to the web, places like this meet a growing need for structure and facilities.

4. BPR Group

BPR Group is a brand management company owned by Mashable. Not only do they have an ever changing message on their front door scrawled in chalkboard paint, but they also have an outdoors conference room that lets workers take advantage of the sun while working untethered.

Sunlight is well known to be good for encouraging productivity and creativity and it’s also just pleasant and healthy. With more and more businesses choosing wireless devices for their staff it’s very likely we’ll soon see more business heading outdoors.

So it seems the future of office life is perks, remote work, slides and bubblegum. How does your company stack up?