5 Tips to Manage Your E-Mail Like a Pro

email management tips

E-mail is something of a curse for many businesses, entrepreneurs and workers. While it’s definitely a necessary evil and we need e-mail in order to effectively communicate with our colleagues, clients and business partners, it’s also unfortunately something that can end up sapping a lot of our time.  If you’re constantly answering and checking e-mails …

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7 Tools That Make Collaborating Easier in 2020

best collaboration tools

Collaboration is key to successful business but unfortunately it doesn’t always go smoothly. Working with colleagues, it can sometimes be hard to make sure everyone is on the same page, to keep track of what everyone is doing and to avoid ‘communication overhead’ from bogging you down. Fortunately though, we live in an era where technology …

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How to Organize Your Office Desk Better Than Marie Kondo

How to Organize Your Office Desk

A tidy and well-organized desk is a reflection of a tidy and well-organized mind. At the same time, desk organization can also help you to become more organized and to navigate a raging sea of jobs, tasks and items on your to-do list. If your workload feels like it’s getting on top of you, then …

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Let’s Have a Meeting About Office Meetings

office meeting

Office meetings are a little bit like that family member who means well but who nobody really looks forward to seeing. In theory, an office meeting should be a highly productive opportunity to ensure everyone is up-to-date with the status of your business and various projects and to spit-ball ideas for taking your business further. That’s the …

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