5 Advantages of Personalizing Your Workspace

Personalizing Your Workspace

If your friend, partner or mom came to visit you at work and you showed them your workspace, what would they think? Would they think you had done a nice job of making your workspace somewhere personal and pleasant to spend time? Would they instantly know the workspace was yours just by looking at how …

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5 Pinterest Boards To Follow For Amazing Office Design Ideas

Pinterest Boards To Follow For Amazing Office Design Ideas

The right office can make or break your business. Whether you’re working from home and you’re looking for home office designs or you’re working in a corporate setting and you need to design a place for your whole team to work, the right interior d├ęcor can not only help you to feel more comfortable and …

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5 Tips To Buy Office Furniture for Startups

Office Furniture for Startups

If you’re planning to launch your own start-up then there will be a lot of set-up that you need to do before you can get going. You’ll need to choose a company name, you’ll probably want to create some branding for yourself and you’ll need to hire a team who can work for you. Perhaps the …

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How To Maximize Small Office Space

small office space

Making the most of a small office space can be a challenge, but if you are willing to get a bit creative and think outside the box (or the cubicle) then it can be done. And it’s well worth putting the time in to do this as well, as it will enable you to fit more …

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Top Lighting Ideas for a Window-Less Office

office lighting ideas

Natural light is incredibly important in any office space and is crucial in ensuring that your workforce are as happy and healthy as possible. That’s because natural lighting improves your mood, strengthens your bones and wakes you up. Sunlight has a very powerful effect on the brain and if you want to get the most from …

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