5 Signs It’s Time to Quit Your Job

Signs Its Time to Quit Your Job

For all of us there can come a time when our work gets on top of us and when we feel like we want to quit. Usually this will carry on for a few days as we mope and stomp about the place but then it tends to pass and we feel better. While we …

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6 Signs You’re About To Get Fired

signs youre about to be fired

Sometimes you get the feeling that something’s up at work. Perhaps people have started treating you differently, perhaps you’re getting overlooked for promotions/responsibilities or maybe nobody wants to spend any time with you outside of the office. What’s going on? It might be that new cologne, or it could mean you’re about to get fired. In …

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6 Traits of a Bad Boss

Traits of a Bad Boss

Is your boss a bad boss? Most of us will occasionally have altercations with our managers but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re bad at what they do. In fact, in some ways it is more alarming if you never argue with your boss. This suggests that your boss is more interested in being your mate than …

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Can Looking Busy Get You Ahead at Work?

looking busy at work

Looking busy is an art form and one that can potentially be very useful around the office. Sit there twiddling your thumbs or playing Angry Birds on your phone and you’ll find that your colleagues and employers very quickly swarm on you to give you things to do. Look busy though and you’ll a) give …

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