Top 5 Cities To Start Your Startup

Looking to launch a startup this year? There's never been a better time thanks to the incredible advances in technology and particularly the ubiquity of the web. These days it costs less to start a business and it's much easier to find the resources, tools and finances you need. You can even use Kickstarter to get your idea backed by members of the public!

But while the internet means that location matters less, it does still matter. There is still a huge advantage to being able to effectively network with other entrepreneurs and businesses and if you're in a thriving 'hub' of new business you'll find that this can give you a real edge – especially as you're just starting out.

And there's more too. Did you know that many people think that California has become the exciting spot for startups that it has thanks to the weather? Bright sun can boost your mood, your focus and your energy and all of these can translate to more creative business and ultimately better results.

So with all that in mind, what are the best five cities for starting your startup? Silicon Valley is one for sure but what others are there out there that can help to put you in a productive state of mind with all the right resources at your fingertips?

1. Boulder, Colorado

Boulder has long been considered a great destination for the 'outdoorsy types'. More recently though it has also become a fantastic hub for technology startups (which let's face it are perhaps the biggest contingent of startups out there) and a great spot for business generally. Part of this is down to the University of Colorado and national research labs which have helped to attract young talent and funding. The fact that it's a very outdoorsy spot may also not be a coincidence!

2. Boca Raton, Florida

Boca Raton sometimes goes by the name 'Silicon Beach' which should give you a clue as to how it sees itself. Once again, this is a great spot for technology businesses. Many of which have been the result of IBM opening up a plant in 1970.

3. Bend, Oregon

This was once a logging town in Central Oregon but recently it has grown by 50% in about ten years. This spot isn't just a great place for IT though, biotech and aviation companies are also thriving here.

4. Cambridge, Massachusetts

Cambridge in England is well known for its University and in the US it's the home of Harvard and MIT. No wonder then that there is an awful lot of talent here, much of which is pouring its efforts into biotech startups and internet businesses. There's a lot of venture capital around the area too which really doesn't hurt!

5. Bellevue, Washington

 This city is neatly placed just between Microsoft's Redmond home and Lake Washington and it seems to have attracted a lot of the talent and magic from these areas. In fact, Bellevue has more patents per capita than any of the other cities on this list!