6 Traits of a Bad Boss

Is your boss a bad boss? Most of us will occasionally have altercations with our managers but that doesn't necessarily mean they're bad at what they do.

In fact, in some ways it is more alarming if you never argue with your boss. This suggests that your boss is more interested in being your mate than in being an actual leader and that in turn means you'll likely end up with no proper direction.

So to decide if your boss is actually a bad boss or not, you should instead look out for some tell-tale signs that give it away. Here are some of the biggest indicators that your boss isn't particularly good at what they do…

1. They Micromanage

Micromanaging means that your boss is constantly looking over your shoulder and second guessing everything that you do. From the perspective of an employee this often comes across as a lack of trust which right off the bat is offensive and frustrating.

Moreover though, micromanaging prevents the team from working as quickly and effectively as they should do which then means you end up stressed and the quality of the work suffers. Bosses need to be able to delegate and then take a step back.

2. They Expect too Much

Just because they sold their soul in order to commit to their work so fully, that doesn't mean that you have to. They should acknowledge this and that means encouraging you to go home at 5pm and not expecting you to give up your weekends.

3. They Don't Take Responsibility

Some bosses will refuse to take responsibility for anything, instead telling you to 'do what you like' or simply not saying anything at all. This is the opposite of the micromanaging boss and while it might seem refreshing it also means that no one is steering the ship and that when you need someone to back you up, they won't be there. It's a fine line but a good boss should know how to do it.

4. They Shout and Rant

If your boss shouts and rants at you then this is a real sign that they aren't a good boss. When you signed up to work for this company you didn't also sign up to be spoken to like a child. Only your Mother has the right to do that so remember that they are your leader but not your owner.

5. They Panic

A good boss should stay calm and composed even when things look bad. This is crucial because the team will pick up on the mood – if they panic, so too will you.

6. They Are Small Minded

 A boss needs to be able to see the bigger picture, they need to be able to see where your industry is headed and they need to be able to steer you into the future. If they're too busy worrying about whether your shirt is tucked in or whether minutes were taken in the correct format then they're not a leader, they're just a busy body who got a promotion.